Sustainable Flood Memories

On Thursday 3rd October, The ESRC project “Sustainable Flood Memories” led by Professor Lindsey McEwan at the University of the West of England will be holding a conference at the Gloucester Guildhall on Sustainable flood memories and the development of community resilience to future flood risk.

The conference will explore the nature of flood memory and its relationship to the development of local knowledge for increased community resilience to local flood risk.  The event represents part of the 30 month ESRC Sustainable Flood Memories project, which has worked with communities and organisations in the lower Severn valley in the aftermath of the July 2007 floods.  In particular, the event will reflect on:

•        how communities remember and archive flood experiences

•        how these memories are materialised, assimilated, embedded and protected in contemporary communities and culture

•        how sustainable flood memories might have a particular role in developing community resilience to residual risk

•        how communities themselves and organisations charged with flood resilience planning can engage with, and support, development of sustainable flood memories

More details about the conference and project can be found here: