The Disruption project has now spent time considering the results of our research over the last 3 years and begun to assess how the data we have gathered can be interpreted in order to support transport policy.  To this end we have come up with a concept we call ‘Flexi-mobility’ which, we believe, represents a new and helpful way of thinking about how people travel, and how policy could move society towards more sustainable patterns of mobility.

Flexi-mobility recognises that almost everyone gets around by a range of transport options. Some of the time. At some points in their life.

Flexi-mobility supports the development of more flexible travelers and systems which allow for more flexibility in whether and how we get about. On this website we set out a vision where it is normal for people to consider making journeys by a range of modes.

Flexi-mobility builds on existing social trends, technological change and a recognition that lock-in to our existing policies will not solve the environmental, health, economic and social challenges we face.

We have set out details of the Flexi-mobility concept in a Green Paper available for download here.

We also have a short consultation survey that we would be grateful if you could fill in if you read the Green Paper.  It is available here.